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Hello. I'm ShafferSummers90.
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Aside from the basic services that you can view with Internet TV, there are other ways to benefit. You can enhance your TV-viewing experience when you employ these optional products and services. Take note that these are not needed to make your Internet TV work. They are just suggestions to maximize the functionality and services available to you.
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* Computers. You can share and stream data with the use of computers. Plus, you can also access other Internet services while you are using your TV. This is done thru the digital data-sharing platform called DLNA or Digital Living Network Alliance, which will link your TV to your computer. With this, you can operate other devices like digital cameras, cell phones, and printers with your TV. Take note that not all Smart TV sets have a DLNA designator so double check first the specification of the TV set if you like to use this feature in the future.

* Smart TV Apps. To customize your viewing experiences, you can use Smart TV apps. Choose the Apps according to your interest download and enjoy! There are many to choose from, and a lot of them are free.

There will be times that you might encounter unpleasant incidents while watching like freezing or hanging video or buffering that takes forever. Here are some tips that should help out when these things happen:

1. Use an Ethernet instead of a wireless connection. It is usually faster, and improvements will be noticeable immediately.

2. If Ethernet is not available, try to find the strongest signal for the Wi-Fi and get close to it. You can either move your TV near the wireless router (or vice versa) or buy a Wi-Fi range extender to help boost the signal wherever you are in your home.

3. Turn off other devices that you are not using. They will serve as competition for bandwidth and will cause the slow down of a video stream quite considerably.

4. Contact your Internet Service Provider Or ISP. Maybe, there is a technical problem that you are not aware of. Another option is to switch to a different ISP or upgrade your Internet service package.

5. Get rid of viruses. Scan your computer to look for viruses and eliminate them. Viruses can be the cause of the slow down.

6. Clear the browsers cache.  Enjoy a fast Internet connection and enjoyable viewing experience when you follow these simple tips.

The Future of Internet TV
Internet service offers the kind of technology that was thought to be impossible thirty years ago. Still, there is room for improvement and other innovations. For instance, much attention is being given to the Hybrid broadcast broadband TV (HbbTV). HbbTV is projected to increase the options of Internet TV subscribers. The focus of HbbTV is to synthesize multiple broadcast technologies. This means that Internet, cable, and satellite would be placed on a single platform. What is the importance of this? Complex web applications can be obtained and offered to subscribers aside from the usual TV services.

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